Walter Sepulveda started his landscaping practice in 2004 after moving to Seattle from his home of Argentina. Tierra Landscape is rooted in Walter's love for nature and creating beautiful outdoor spaces for his clients that are modern and easy to maintain. Walter studied Forestry with a focus on native species at the Universidad del Comahue and has continued to grow his business to include all aspects of landscape design, horticulture, and project management. When he is not designing, he loves spending time with his family on Lopez Island, Cannon Beach, OR, and Neah Bay. Tierra Landscape's mission is to create meaningful and beautiful landscape designs and seamless installation while putting the client's needs first. We are committed to the highest standards in all areas of our business.

Winter Around the Garden

Clean pruners and other small garden tools with rubbing alcohol.

Reapply or redistribute mulches that have blown or washed away.

Place windbreaks to protect sensitive landscape evergreens against cold, drying winds.

To prevent damage from drying, water plants deeply every 6 to 8 weeks, when the temperatures are above freezing.

Do not walk on lawns until frost has melted.

Water landscape plants underneath wide eaves and in other sites shielded from rain.



Maintenance guidance coming soon.